Nostalgic nights!


           Amidst the haste of mundane days, there is an feeling deep within my heart, which aches and yearns for a world- My Childhood. Not  a world which is filled with green and blue, but a world is filled with Natural ways. People behaving exactly the same way as what nature has bestowed with them as their ways. No pretense and prejudice. A life similar to what people perceived as life during their childhood. A life filled the same niceties as the childhood.


                The child in me still longs for it’s people and things with natural ways. I long to climb the Neem tree in front of the house to make a swing. I still want to play my favorite sport of rolling the Tyre with the stick no matter how much my hand gets dirty. My hands still tries to catch the butterfly whenever i spot one. The heart still longs for the telephone which has only one tone.  For the classroom with hut roofs and white washed brick walls. For the occasional snakes that wander in the veranda of the house under the coconut trees.


                Of all the awesome details of my childhood, i cannot go without mentioning my neighbors/ The neighbor family used to take me in whenever my parents are away at work or to visit my grandparents even if it takes days. They feed me, bathe me, make me do my homework and get me ready for school until my parents return. That very same neighbor who is a nurse used to treat my terminally ill grandma without  a doctor fee. Those people i used to call Atthai, mama and chitthi although they are not my blood related ones. I still meet them whenever i go to my native. While the list goes endless, the heart still aches for whiff of that childhood in present life only to be turned down by the closed doors of the neighbors and tar road which replaces the neem tree.


In fond memory of all the things lost #

                                      lostn found           

                                                  The things I have left behind or to be precise forgotten has always made me feel that some day or the other will come back to me eventually. Like  Jacob’s imprints on Renesmee in Twilight, the Fastrack watch which disappeared mysteriously , the walkman which i bought from my first ever salary along with innumerable other things that i lost has my imprints on them and one fine day they will find their eternal way back to me.

                                                   The title also reminds me of the famous dialogue of JK Rowling from Harry Potter “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”  So like Luna’s lost shoe which hangs from the porch, I too keep searching for my lost things in all possible unexpected places or is it not the end yet. Awaiting!!!




While I think of the word carefree, my mind races across the list of carefree people i encountered in my life. To my surprise, i can’t remember any carefree person at the moment. Everyone I have me at some point or the other in their life has been facing difficulties and never appeared carefree except the kids. Now that drives me to the conclusion that it’s difficult to be carefree or perhaps is that an art that needs to be mastered. Carefree